Scraping PSLE

In Singapore, PSLE is short for “PAI-SEH LE”  Primary school Leaving examination. So if you were aspiring to be a secondary school gangster with golden hair and a “Parang” knife under your armpit wrapped in fresh newspaper, this is exam you can not screw up with. It is the equivalent of Malaysia’s UPSR and it is the first major examinations to make you mental traumatized at a tender young age. All the happy and carefree moments of being a kid shall be totally obliterated beginning with the PSLE.

However there is recently been word that the government is planning to scrap this system. (HIP HIP HOORAY) I for once, cannot agree more with the government( not my government though, sadly). In case you have totally skipped the first paragraph of my blog here(in that case what on earth are you here for? porn? wrong place dude.), you will understand the fact that i am not a big fan of examinations like this. As you see, students of all ages have to deal with tests all their life, it’s part of the schooling system where they are tested on the things that they have learnt to see how well they are learning. If you are not learning well, you’re simply just gonna be ignored by the teacher, scolded by your parents, laughed at by your peers and as you continue to not learn well, you degenerate into the further end of the class until you drop into a class below your current class. And as this continue, you just drop and drop and drop until you reach the deepest abyss with all the weird looking creatures without the sunlight.

the problem with the schooling system is that when students aren’t faring well in the exams, they do not receive any additional help. It is unless their parents decide to do something(besides hitting, scolding, and deeming them stupid for ever eternity) and send them to tutors,then do they get help. In the current education system, teachers are more concerned about getting the syllabus taught through rather than the passion in helping kids nowadays learn the ropes of life and the realization of how important real knowledge is in life( okay you do not necessarily need to know which atom water will combine with which molecule of something else when you are making desserts but hey, at least some of it makes sense…i think).

And the flawed education system is aggravated by the fact that students are generally graded based on a FINAL VERY IMPORTANT UNBELIEVABLE OMG Examination throughout different stages in life. It is unfair to students who are hardworking throughout the entire schooling years, but unfortunately crumble during the final very important unbelievable omg examination period. Why would a excellent student crumble during these final very important unbelievable omg examinations( The name is getting too long, i will hence mention it as FVIUOE for short) you ask? It is because of all the hype it is generating, all the stress they are receiving due to their parents, relatives(YES ALL YOU UNCLES AND AUNTIES who have nothing else better to do than to comment on other people’s child) and teachers as they stress the importance of the FVIUOEs. Because we have been led to understand that these FVIUOEs are so important to your life, if you do well, you will get good job, good money, good future, good wife, good dog,good food and stuff, but if you don’t you will die and the world will end and you will not ever find a job and you will be a rubbish cleaner and you will die. Imagine all the stress it can create to a mind of a growing kid?

So scraping PSLE? Yes, please do. Creating more examinations to deem you unworthy and stupid and useless? Nope. Not in a hundred million thousand gazillion nano kilo years. There should be a better and more effective way to evaluate the learning process of students. Leaders, think. I’m just a student who is sitting for FVIUOEs now.


One thought on “Scraping PSLE

  1. Education itself is a positive thing but an ideological education can be disastrous. This is why an uneducated person is more broad minded , for he is tolerant.

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